Many workers, in their normal activities, can be exposed to hazardous atmospheres. Inside buildings, manholes and other confined spaces they may encounter flammable/explosive air mixtures or poisonous levels of other gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.  They may also find very low levels of oxygen. They need to be able to tell if these hazards are present and if the concentrations of these hazards are at dangerous levels.
Utilitronics offers a broad range of gas detectors designed for rugged use by workers on the job. Most of these gas detectors are small and light. Some can monitor multiple gas hazards. A few gas detectors are so small, they can be worn clipped onto a hardhat. Utilitronics safety gas detectors are made by some of the world’s best suppliers–BW-Honeywell and Teledyne( Scott, Detcon and GMI).

Leak detection is another function of gas detectors. Some companies survey natural gas and other pipe facilities to look for leaks. These companies use specialized instruments capable of detecting very low concentrations of the gases they are looking for (mainly natural gas). Sometimes these instruments are mounted on vehicles to permit efficient surveys of large areas. Utilitronics provides installation, calibration and repair services to companies performing these surveys.

BW Clip Series

– Single Gas Detector
– Runs up to 3 years
– No battery replacement
– No sensor replacement

Gas Alert Quattro

– 4 gas detector
– One button operation
– Rugged & reliable

Gas Alert Micro 5 Series

– Up to 5 gases
– Versatile
– Durable


– 4 Gas detector
– Simple, smart
– Economical

Toxi Pro Single Gas Detector

– Re-usable
– Lightweight

BW MicroClip Series

– Multigas detector
– Small, reliable
– Long runtimes
– Easy to use
– Low cost

Protégé MasterDock II

Protégé SG

Protégé ZM Single Gas
Available in O2, CO and H2S

• Simple one button operation
• Full bump, calibration and charging options
• Stores bump/calibration results

PS 500 ABC Station

PS 200

• Simple, one button operation
• Up to 4 gases concurrently
(LEL, O2,CO,H2S)
• Audible, visual and vibrating alarms
• Fully Certified