We sell many instruments every year. During their productive lives (which can be for several years), the tools may need
occasional servicing.

GAS DETECTORS contain sensors designed for specific gases. Many of these sensors use chemicals to detect the presence or absence of gases. When the chemicals are “used up”, the sensors need to be replaced and the instruments re-calibrated. A few sensors last at least a year, most last 2 to 4 years or even longer. Sometimes sensors are contaminated by exposure to other chemicals (solid, liquid or vapor) and have to be replaced and the detector re-calibrated.

Some sensors “drift” over time and don’t respond at the levels they should. Hence, it is good practice (often required) to have gas detectors tested, adjusted and re-calibrated periodically. When there is no capacity left for adjustment, the sensors have to be replaced.

There are other maintenance tasks. Pumps may breakdown (we can usually replace them). Filters have to be periodically replaced (users can often do that). Physical damage to display screens, switches, alarms, etc. is frequently repairable at reasonable cost.

PIPE AND CABLE LOCATORS and FERROMAGNETIC LOCATORS usually last for years — even many years. Most locators are electronically stable so recalibration is rarely needed unless parts have been replaced. Mechanical damage is more often the cause of a need for repair.”