Pipe & Cable Locators

Buried utilities represent a major challenge to technicians who need to trace and troubleshoot such systems. They also represent a hazard to excavation crews. Digging in the wrong place is expensive, and can cause cable or pipe damage resulting in personal injury, project delays, costly repairs and penalties.

UTILITRONICS is a leading supplier of pipe and cable locators. Our broad line of pipe and cable locators offers numerous capabilities over a wide price range. Basic locators like the Vivax-Metrotech VM-480 Split Box, descended from some of the first locators that pioneered pipe and cable locating, are still an efficient and economical tool. Later advancements such as multiple antennas, higher power and many circuitry advances led to pipe and cable locators able to better handle complex situations where other pipes and cables or other structures may interfere with the locating task.

The availability of GPS (Global Positioning System) information makes it possible to record the locations found by the newer pipe and cable locators in a usable way. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) incorporated the GPS data into their computer systems permitting utilities and others to coordinate planning, monitoring and maintaining their various systems.

NOTE: Vivax-Metrotech, one of our suppliers of pipe and cable locators, has developed new locators capable of “survey” grade location — a major accomplishment.

Other products related to pipe and cable locators have been developed. Marker balls and discs can be placed in the ground a
significant locations (such as pipe-T’s, pipe ends, etc.) that can be located by modified pipe and cable locators. Other locators monitor the amount of electrical current being carried on a line and can detect pipe coating defects or contact points with other structures. Faults in various cables can be pinpointed with appropriate locators.
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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-Pro
Vivax-Metrotech VM-810/850
Vivax-Metrotech RTK-Pro
McLaughlin VisionLX
Vivax-Metrotech VM-480
Fisher TW-6 R3
The VM-540 is a compact and lightweight purpose built sonde locator, and is compatible with many sondes and CCTV pipe camera systems. The locator has a digital display for depth, signal level and battery condition controled by a simple four button keypad. The signal level is also indicated by an audible tone which increases or decreases with the gradient filed intensity.
Fisher TW-82
Schonstedt Rex LITE
Vivax Metrotech vScan Receiver
Sub-Surface ML-1
Ridgid-Seektech SR-20
Schonstedt Loki-U