Buried utilities represent a major challenge to technicians who need to trace and troubleshoot such systems. They also represent a hazard to excavation crews. Improperly performed digging can cause cable or pipe damage resulting in personal injury, project delays, costly repairs and penalties.

Our broad line of pipe and cable locators offers numerous capabilities over a wide price range.  From basic locators like the Vivax-Metrotech VM-480 Split Box thru the multi-frequency vLoc Series and the Vision LX, we provide the tools to handle most locating assignments.  Optional features include finding electronic markers, detecting insulation defects and locating plastic water pipes.  Our new vScan lets you survey an area for any lines carrying electrical power or radio signals.  Ground penetrating radar is available for those particularly difficult locates.

vLoc3 – Pro
– multi frequency locator
– many features and options

VM – 810
– single frequency
– one button operation
– simple, but powerful
– an industry classic
VM- 550
low and mid-range frequency
VM – 480 B
– single frequency and 60hz detector
VM – 560
low and high-range frequency
vLoc ML2+
marker locator
vLoc DM2
Defect Mapper
– for pipeline
coating evaluation
vScan Area Search Tool

– multi frequency
– light weight
– 3 year warranty

3M™ Dynatel™ 1420 ID Locator

  • Locates 2 different marker frequencies simultaneously
  • Reads, writes and locates iD markers
  • High-resolution display

3M™ Ball Marker 1405-XR, EMS 6 ft Extended Range

  • Self-leveling design for horizontal positioning
  • Offers easy marking of buried lines
  • Different colors for different utilities